A Groovy Kind of Love

A Groovy Kind of Love

We are so excited to share our first interview segment in the Lovers Edition Series titled "A Groovy Kind of Love." Not just a Phil Collins song, but something extremely special and dear to our hearts, Love! 💖💖💖 We had the pleasure of interviewing this adorable couple Nallie X Liam. Finding love during lockdown can be tricky but not for these two lovebirds, read on for the full story on dating, music, vintage fashion and more...

August 15th, 2021



@LoversVintage: Where did you meet?

@MustardYellowBeret: We actually met online during lockdown! I'd added Liam on Facebook then we started talking on Instagram when he asked me to play bass for his band. Instead, we became a couple! 




@LoversVintage: How would you describe your style?

@MustardYellowBeret: I'd say my style is mostly late 60s/early 70s bohemian, with Docs adding some 90s-style grunge. I've gotten Liam into vintage clothes now too and he loves 1970s shirts and velvet blazers! 



@LoversVintage:  Where do you pull inspiration for your fashion styling?

@MustardYellowBeret: We're both inspired by the musicians we listen to. Artists like Izzy B. Phillips (Black Honey) and Shirley Manson (Garbage) are a huge inspiration to me because their outfits are so unique and quirky, they just dress how they want and I love that! Liam loves his Doors and Hendrix and has recently bought a couple of paisley silk shirts really reminiscent of that era.



@LoversVintage:  What is your favorite date night activity?

@MustardYellowBeret: We're both pretty introverted and prefer date nights staying in, rather than going out. A perfect date night for us would consist of Netflix, a takeaway, gin for me, and a Lush face mask. We do like going to gigs too though! 



@LoversVintage:  How long have you known each other?

@MustardYellowBeret: We started talking in October 2020 but officially started dating in December that year. 



@LoversVintage:  Are there any styling tips you'd like to share?

@MustardYellowBeret:  Dress for yourself, not anyone else! It's easy to get self-conscious about your outfit but at the end of the day if you like your outfit, then nothing else matters. 



@LoversVintage:  What is your favorite iconic style moment?

@MustardYellowBeret: The first that comes to mind is Bowie, at any era in his life. He was such a chameleon and looked amazing always!




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    Love their style!

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    Such a great story, I love their style and these photos. Well done Lovers Vintage. <3

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    Love this! Cute couple and great style!

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