Lovers Vintage is named after the sixth trump or Major Arcana Rider Waite card seen in traditional tarot decks; It is used in game playing as well as in divination. Lovers Vintage is a vintage-centric brand born in California and conceived in Austin, Texas, featuring a curated vintage collection of clothing & accessories for the true vintage lover. Our brand, Only Lovers Club is inspired by our favorite vintage pieces. Quirky & playful, the new collection effortlessly combines bittersweet west coast nostalgia, with a twist of southern vibes. Drawing inspiration from old photos, films, magazines, & esoteric fantasy. From French 1960s new wave films of Godard to campy classics of Russ Meyer. Our love of cinema and 1960's/70s psychedelia can be seen in our every day looks. Remembering a time when life was carefree & wild. A time where parties were "happening," From music festivals to underground rendezvous. 





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