Lovers Vintage is named after the sixth trump or Major Arcana Rider Waite card seen in traditional tarot decks; It is used in game playing as well as in divination. Lovers Vintage is inspired by old photos, films, magazines, & esoteric fantasy. From French 1960s New Wave films of Godard to campy classics of Russ Meyer. Our love for cinema and 1960's/70s psychedelia can be seen in our every day looks. Remembering a time when life was carefree & wild, a time where parties were "happening," from music festivals to underground rendezvous. Our brand~ Only Lovers Club ~inspired by our favorite vintage pieces; quirky & playful. The new collection effortlessly combines bittersweet West Coast nostalgia, with a twist of Southern vibes. 

At Lovers Vintage~ We support designers and makers from all over the US. We want to create a magical shopping experience that our Vintage Lovers will be excited about. Some of our goods are delivered from the designers and makers themselves, with hopes in providing a unique shopping experience for each item purchased from our site. The new merchandise includes~vintage inspired clothing, accessories, magical aromatherapy, apothecary smells for love rituals that will leave you mystified. We also carry gift items, paper goods and much more...

Bright Blessings!
Enjoy the Cosmos