Quarantine Blues Record Jams

Quarantine Blues Record Jams

You've got the quarantine blues !

Our top ten records during the quarantine. As we spend time in solitude, we have a moment to reflect and enjoy being solo. If you're stumped don't let the quarantine get you blue, take the time to flip your fave records & dance around, repeat. 

1.) Vampire Blues- Neil Young- On the Beach Vinyl available on Etsy Shop Alexanders Attic VA
2.) Night of the Vampire- Rocky Erickson-The Evil One Vinyl available on Light in The Attic
3.) Season of the Witch- Donavon- Self-titled Greatest Hits Vinyl available on Etsy shop Out of Vivs Attic
4.) The Chain- Fleetwood Mac-Rumors Vinyl available on Red Yeti Records
5.) Baba O'Riley- The Who- Who's Next (Blue Vinyl) Vinyl available on Acoustic Sounds
6.) Sweet Leaf- Black Sabbath-Master of Reality Vinyl available on Etsy Shop Sweet Leaf Vinyl
7.) Hell Bent for Leather- Judas Priest-Killing Machine Vinyl available on Red Yeti Records
8.) Changes-David Bowie- Changes One Vinyl available on Etsy Shop Retro Saurus Rex
9.) Mr. Blue Sky- Electric Light Orchestra- Out of the Blue Jet 1977 Vinyl available on the Etsy Shop Basement Comix

10.) Under my Thumb- Rolling Stones- Still Life Vinyl available on Autograph Authentication Store

Since number 11 is a magical number we will be adding one more to the list.

11.) Cosmic Wheels- Donavon-Cosmic Wheels Vinyl available on Aroostookaudio


click here if you want to dance, pogo, shoegaze, bounce, hop, or head bang

Love, Light & Vintage




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