Rebecca from

Rebecca from "A Clothes Horse"

April 23, 2018

So excited to spot Rebecca from "A Clothes Horse" wearing Nightmare Daydream's Je t'aime Dress. We loved how she portrayed the Je t'aime Velvet Dress in a sweet darling 60s getup, styled with a vintage baret and a solid vintage red handbag & red flats, to top it off with an old school pentax camera. This shot can't be anymore darling.

more about the blog A Clothes Horse

Rebecca is an American Blogger living in Northern Ireland (the UK). A Clothes Horse is the amazing blog/journey where Rebecca posts different outfits, daily strolls & activities all surrounding the beauty of Ireland and her darling photographs. Rebecca's outfits are carefully curated and stylized for each photograph. See more about our Je t'aime Dress on her blog "Tied with a Bow" 






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