Burritos or Bust Patch

The Burritos or Bust Iron-On Patch features our fun burrito phrase alongside a cactus and a bones peace sign hand gesture embroidered onto a "cilantro" green durable twill patch. Make a bold statement with this patch stitched or ironed-on to your favorite denim jacket, hat, or bag. It's perfect flair for those that feel like nothing but a chipotle burrito the size of a human baby will do. 


  • Stitched Lettering, Icons, and Trim
  • 3" inches wide x 2.5" inches tall
  • Can be ironed on or sewn on items
United States       $5.00 USD
6-7 Days
Canada                  $10.00 USD
6-7 Days
International          $17.00 USD
7-14 Days
Processing Time    1-2 Days
  • $12.00
- 0%